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The role of the artist is to create the sun while it is not.

An artistic axis grows from the depths of the world that can not be completely illuminated.


יליד 1951 ישראל  – תל אביב . בגיל 10 עברתי לעולם הבוגרים.   השכלה מנהל עסקים וניתוח מערכות מידע לימודי תעודה . תום שרות צבאי בדרגת רס"ן . למרות השכול הקמתי משפחה לתפארת שתי בנות ו חמש נכדות.
את הציור התחלתי עם ניסיון להקנות לבנות קצת גישה לתחום הציור בילדותן ונסחפתי לזה באופן אישי. פיסול בעץ התחלתי לפני כ עשרים שנה בחוג של האמן הנס קנטור ז"ל השתתפתי בחוג הזה כ עשר שנים.

"אמנות היא לא מה שהאמן רואה, היא מה שהוא גורם לאחרים  לראות"      (  אדגר דגה  )  

Born 1951 Israel - Tel Aviv. At age 10, I moved into the adult world. Education Business Administration and Information Systems Analysis Certificate Studies. At the end of a military service at the rank of Major.
I started the painting with an attempt to impart some access to the field of painting as a child and drifted to it personally. Wood sculpture I started about twenty years ago in the circle of the late Hans Cantor artist I participated in this circle about ten years ago.

  •                                        Art is not what the artist sees, it is what he makes others see                  (Edgar Degas)

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Memories from 73 war, attack at the morning

Memories from 73 the third day of the war, attack at the morning of two MiGs (17) Syrians. Two Israeli tanks evaporated, leaving only metal shells. Oil painting on canvas 39.3 'X27.5'


Landscape Oil Painting - Halstead Austria

Landscape Oil Painting - Halstead Austria 60X80 cm Oil on canvas Date: 18.7.2019


Japanese Femininity

The beauty and grace of Japanese femininity, the gentle and gentle gentleness


1973 Memories from

Memories of 1973 The Yom Kippur War on the Syrian front



Jerusalem - From east to west, looking from a southern corner towards the Yemin Moshe Oil on canvas 23.'x31.5



Violinist Emphasizes the grace and beauty of a woman playing Oil on canvas 60x80cm 23.6'x31.5


French horn player

Oil on canvas 60x80cm 23.6'x31.5' Emphasizes the grace and beauty of a woman playing


Playing the cello

Cello player Emphasizes the grace and beauty of a woman playing Oil on canvas 60x80cm 23.6'x31.5


Bansko, Bulgaria

Oil on canvas 80x60cm 31.5'x23.6' Landscape


Israel 71 years old

Israel is 70 years old, scarred like a 700-years-old - framed - oil on canvas 80x60cm


The Opera

The opera, oil painting on canvas 50 by 40 cm


Carnival masks

Carnival Masks What mask did you get up this morning what mask you choose to work today Dated 18.3.2019 Oil painting on canvas 19.6'x27.5' ,50X70cm



Original Oil painting on canvas "Magic" A unique work of art dated 10.1.2019 Dated 10.1.2019 11.8'X15.75' 30X40cm


A burning sun in the Mediterranean

Oil on canvas 15.75 'X 19.7' 40X50cm



Oil painting on canvas 19.6'X27.5' 50X70cm



40X30cm 19.6'x15.7' oil on canvas




He is not heavy he's my brother

An oak sculpture, a wounded soldier carrying a comradeship in the war. Dimensions : height 21' diameter 13' Weight 11 pound ~ 54X33 cm.



Wood engraving American walnut - Motherhood

UNIQUE Wood engraving "Motherhood" woman carrying a child Hand carved from American Nut tree APPX Sizes: Weight 4kg Height 15.74" Width 11.81" Thickness 1.96" Made by me 2015



Othello and Desdemona

Wood engraving "Othello and Desdemona" Hand carved from Mahogany tree APPX Sizes: Weight 5.5kg Height 45cm Width 34cm Thickness 5cm Made by me 2014



The Rape of Persephone

Art Sculpture Inspired by the work of Bernini 1622 APPX Sizes: Weight 4kg 8.82 pound Height 69cm 27" Width 34.5cm 13.58" Diameter 22cm 8.66" Made 2005



A little fox - Walnut tree

Cute little fox Hand carved from American Nut tree APPX Sizes: Weight 1kg or 2.2 pound Height 38cm or Width 25cm or 9.8' Made 2014



The Peace dove in the Middle East

We all hope and pray that the day of peace will come to all peoples of the Middle East Oak 10.6'x10.6' 27x27 cm .



Orpheus: "Who can give lovers laws?" Hand carved from Eucalyptus tree APPX Sizes: Weight 2kg Height 25.5cm Width 24cm




Wood engraving Two-faced woman Head Hand Carved Wood Mahogany tree Natural color Spirit suffered. APPX Sizes: Weight 3kg Height 34cm Width 25cm Thickness 5cm Made by me in October 2014



A Dutchwoman

Dutch woman Head , Lilac Wood , Hand Carved Diameter = 23cm Height 32cm Weight 4kg



A British princess from the 12th century

Sculpture of British princess from the 12th , Wood Hand Carved Wood Ficus tree Diameter 27cm Height 38cm Weight 5kg



The woman with the fruit hat

Mahogany tree ~ 45X34 cm


Discovers and taps

Wood engraving a woman covers little and reveals a posture Hand Carved from Mahogany tree Height 21cm Width 34cm Thickness 5cm



תרומתו של הביטוי האמנותי

תרומתו של הביטוי האמנותי

תרומתו של הביטוי האמנותי , הגרעין היצירתי הטמון עמוק בכל נפש. המאמר מתייחס לאמנות כבעלת אלמנטים מדיטטיביים, אמנות כסוג של יצירת קשר עם דמותו המופנמת של המת, היצירה מאפשרת קשר בין העולם הפנימי לעולם החיצוני,תהליך יצירת האמנות כדרך למתן ביטוי אישי ,האמנות כדרך "לעשות משהו מיוחד" ,היצירה כסוג של בריאה.

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